17.04.2015 Action during the trials of the NZSS in Auckland. Mandatory Photo Credit ©Michael Bradley.

Monitoring student load in sport can improve performance, but more importantly reduce injury risk.

A moderate to serious injury in Sport carries a legacy position into the future. The competing demands on young student athletes are very real, from exam pressure through to training / competition load. Understanding readiness / freshness is a key to protecting players from burnout and injury.

This insight also allows a great opportunity to provide individual intervention strategies to produce ‘best performance’ when it really matters.

‘Duty of care’ for young athletes should be high on school priorities – and in 2018 it is a fairly simple process with a smart program to identify key bench marking and centralisation of data. What’s more an Athlete Centric approach empowers students to take ownership for their approach to sport. No guess work – and proper ‘Duty of Care’ can be as simple as wellness questionnaires and post session reporting through an app. No more excel sheets . Shared information within Sports staff and meaningful reports. Alerts for non-compliance assist in data collection.

Commence a Monitoring programme for 2019 – click HERE

Article added: Thursday 18 October 2018


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