School Sport NZ have been involved in providing advice and guidance in the development of a Charter for the broadcast and livestreaming of school sport events relating to the NZ Sport Collective (NZSC). The Charter sets out standards and practices that more than 45 NSOs that broadcast the events they deliver under NZSC, their production companies and broadcasters will, as signatories, be required to adhere to. The NZSC agreement with NSOs is for sanctioned events on the School Sport NZ national calendar only and does not include any regional school events. (School Sport NZ has not signed an agreement to broadcast any events as it is not the rights holder to these events).

Livestreaming of one off events and tournaments on the School Sport NZ calendar has been taking place across a wide range of sports for connecting back to their schools, friends and families, without any issues being raised by schools or other bodies for many years now. These include NZSS Futsal, Maadi Cup, NZSS Volleyball, NZSS Basketball, NZSS Waka Ama, Condor 7’s and others. However, where broadcast has featured season long Premier competitions or high-profile sports across a small number of high performing schools, this has rightly caused concern around the pressure it puts on students.

The development of the Charter is an important step towards ensuring appropriate standards are applied to mitigate risk and while it currently applies only to NZSC member NSO’s, School Sport NZ will advocate for codes outside the NZSC to adopt the standards and practices the Charter has established.

The Charter includes standards such as commentary requirements and a commitment to equity - all sports, all schools, all genders, rather than a focus on winning and premier competitions. An independent body, the Advisory Group, has been established under the Charter to provide advice, lead a complaints process and formally review the Charter annually. As is currently the case with any events on the School Sport NZ calendar, principals will continue to have the ability to opt out of livestreaming at the time of entry.

The Charter has been provided to a number of regional principals association meetings recently and was sent in our newsletter to all schools, principals and sport directors, for feedback by July 30. The Charter has now been finalised and the board are supportive of the standards and rigour the Charter now provides in the school sport broadcast space.  

The final Charter can be downloaded HERE and any feedback is stilll welcomed to School Sport NZ

Article added: Thursday 16 July 2020


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